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Most of the larger companies today still utilize some form of older “legacy” system. Many companies continue to utilize more than one system simultaneously because each adds a specific value to the overall goals of the company. Over time some systems can become so ingrained into the daily operations of a company that the task of replacing the system becomes inconceivable, be it due to overall cost, data migration issues, or the re-training that would be required is overwhelming.

SGCO fully appreciates the investment companies have made in systems that are no longer state of the art but have proven to be reliable work horses around which the company has built many of their daily operational procedures. We specialize in leveraging your existing technology investment when making recommendations for upgrades or expansion.

SGCO can create a single point of storage for seemingly unrelated data from multiple applications running on diverse operating systems. That single storage point then becomes a warehouse of information readily available for comparison and analysis.

Legacy systems can also be retained to continue to perform the specific tasks for which they were originally designed while an entire enterprise is constructed around them.

Whether your need is to mine data from a non-relational flat file or you simply want to use your legacy database as an engine for e-commerce, SGCO can design the best solution for your needs.

Interoperability, Integration with Legacy Systems

  • Data-level integration
  • Application-interface integration
  • Method-level integration
  • User interface-level integration