SGCO’s PDF Generator Converts On-Screen Forms to Completed Documents

Now your completed on-screen forms can be saved, reviewed, printed or even emailed as an attachment.

The SGCO Group’s PDF Conversion System captures your screen data, populates your custom template and creates an industry standard PDF document. All your merged documents can now be stored in the widely accepted Personal Document Format (PDF).

The PDF format ensures your documents have not been altered or edited, and that the content of your documents accurately reflect the data stored in your system.

The SGCO PDF Generator can be installed as a stand-alone network application or it can also be implemented as part of the SGCO Document Management System for even greater versatility. The PDF Generator can be installed on your network without regard to your network operating system (i.e. Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, etc.).

SGCO developed robust multi-threaded solution that could be enhanced for new features. The SGCO PDF generator is both stable and allows for generating multiple documents in parallel. Once installed this will use all of the current templates, instructions and data files as the client’s old system if applicable. A daemon was written that constantly monitors the file system for new instruction and data files. When a new set of files is detected the daemon processes the data using existing MS Word templates if used and the instruction file. A PDF is generated by using command line instructions to an open source word processor library. An enhancement was added that allows for 'one click printing' as well. 'One click printing' will allow a user to print out all documents at one time rather than having to select each document individually and print it.

Principals of Operation

A clear understanding of our clients’ IT goals and objectives is ascertained at the beginning of all projects. SGCO’s information management solutions focus provides customized business IT solutions, business intelligence, and business software consulting to clients from diverse industries. We are focused on developing practical business-driven, cost effective and long-term solutions that maximize clients' return of investments. This insures that the IT strategies developed will meet the best short-term and long-term objectives of our client’s overall information management solutions.

The SGCO PDF Conversion System is just one of a full suite of mission critical SGCO products which include: Custom Document Management, Asset Tracking Systems, and OpenVMS API.

The SGCO PDF Conversion System is now available for installation on your network. For pricing, licensing, or other product information contact SGCO: