SGCO Introduces Inventory Control and Asset Protection System (ICAP)

The SGCO Inventory Control and Asset Protection System (ICAP) effectively tracks and monitors a company’s physical assets within a warehouse, across an entire campus, or at any of multiple locations around the globe.

Whether it’s a $3 widget in your warehouse, a $50,000 portable ultrasound, a company vehicle or other valuable asset, the SGCO inventory control and asset protection system will digitally locate your assets in a flash. The ICAP system can also track assets that are offsite or between facilities utilizing GPS technology.

By simply associating or relating an inexpensive sensor with a unique identifier such as a traditional SKU, equipment serial number, or vehicle identification number (VIN) the SGCO ICAP provides management with the exact location of the company’s asset in real time. The SGCO ICAP accommodates setting perimeters within the tracking function (geo-fencing) to alert you when inventory is moved outside specified boundaries.

Tracking assets can be displayed graphically utilizing on-screen maps for ease of use and also functions flawlessly on newer mobile devices such as a tablet or mobile phone. Most importantly the SGCO ICAP System can be interfaced with your company’s existing inventory management system via the SGCO API, or alternative interface, and is capable of capturing, storing and retrieving ODB2 information such as speed, mileage, fuel level, etc.

The SGCO Inventory Control and Asset Protection System utilizes trilateration of WiFi signals to establish an asset’s exact location throughout all of your indoor facilities or utilizes GPS to track your assets outdoors.

The SGCO Asset Protection System’s unique feature set and programming flexibility combined with or exclusive high-performance / low cost sensor modules makes the ICAP System is the most affordable inventory tracking system in the large equipment industry.

ICAP is the ideal solution for
  • Automobile Dealers,
  • Equipment Leasing Companies,
  • Educational Institutions
  • Medical Facilities with off campus clinics or multi-campus facilities.

NOTE: A “stealth” version of the sensor is currently under development which enables equipment leasing companies to install the device once and always know where the asset is located for the entire length of the lease."

The SGCO ICAP System is the latest addition to a full suite of mission critical SGCO products which include: custom PDF Conversion systems, Document Management Systems, and an OpenVMS API.

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