Solution-Focused Methodology

In recent years, many consulting firms have become affiliated with hardware and software vendors, either by acquisition or through exclusive partnerships. The primary purposes of these affiliations is to enable the consulting firm to recommend purchases from that vendor, even though there may be less expensive or more appropriate alternatives from other vendors.

That approach is technology-focused. No matter what the business problem, these consulting firms will address it with a set list of technologies and products. In fact, often these firms perform no more than a cursory analysis of the business problem the technology is supposed to solve.

SGCO, in contrast, uses a solution-focused methodology in which the appropriate solution comes out of an objective and detailed analysis of the business problem. Thanks to a wide array of skills and partnerships, it can map a proposed business solution to the optimal technology.

We begin with a business process assessment that examines the stated business problem, as well as the business process context in which it occurs. This effort results in a report detailing the problem, the cause of the problem, and any extenuating circumstances surrounding it.

Should the client engage SGCO to address the problem, we map the problem domain to a set of solutions that we analyze to determine which is most cost-effective and complete. Once the problem is identified and bounded, only then do we engage in technology research and analysis for the solution. We work with clients each step of the way to ensure that the problem identification, analysis, and solution fit into their technical and business requirements.

The result is that clients have a solution that matches their problem, not the skills and affiliations of their consultants. SGCO supports all of its solutions for the long term, so that clients can have confidence in the long term viability of the technology.