Document Management System

Universal OS Independant Document Management System:

  • Works seamlessly with any OS (Document Management System Windows, Document Management System Linux, Document Management System Solaris, Document Management System OpenVMS, Document Management System AIX, Document Management System HPUX etc)
  • Manage, store thousands of documents, retrieve the right one in seconds and reduce paper

The SGCO PDF Generator, can also be implemented as part of the SGCO Document Management System for even greater versatility, or it can be installed as a stand-alone network application. The PDF Generator can be installed on your network without regard to your network operating system (i.e. Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, etc.).

Once digital versions of the documents have been created and stored in the document management repository, users can:

  • Manage thousands of documents and retrieve the right one in seconds
  • Share documents with colleagues while protecting confidential information
  • Email and fax files instantly
  • Access documents while off-site based on network and security access
  • Back up files and records for disaster recovery
  • Easily comply with various industry regulations including SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and more

Solution Requirements

General Parameters
  • Organize all enterprise information in a secure, central repository
  • Accessible from widely distributed locations via VPN and internal Network access
  • Deliver a Single Sign-on experience through Active Directory/LDAP integration.

  • Capture documents from virtually any input device in any location
  • Support multiple file formats (PDF , xls, jpg etc.) for capture and import
  • Product solution should work with a wide variety of high-speed scanners
  • Easily import electronic documents from an application, file systems and directories by dragging and dropping
  • Extract text from electronic documents
  • Bulk import solution with drag and drop import capabilities
  • Drag and drop verification helper “modal” (pop up) windows, to minimize human error.

   Search & Retrieval
  • Grant access to documents based on user permissions using active directory system; offering a granular permissions solution.
  • Preview selected documents through a browser User Interface design
  • Automatically perform the most commonly-used searches (text, field, annotation and name key word) as well as custom searches
  • Full text searches over the entire repository
  • Predetermined drop down search filters by business process and file systems
  • Limit search results by folder filters
  • Naming Conventions need to be very granular for parsing search criteria based on a Max of 255 characters for a file name
  • The system will auto name directories and files when importing documents through drag and drop interface, minimizing manual intervention and errors
  • Multiple permissions structure by department, folder, individual document and others for “restricted viewing status” TBD ( Example: SSN and DMV #)

   Document Management
  • Event based screen verifications; Content driven Work flow helpers or filters using an intuitive graphical canvas. (example: “last viewed”, “are you sure” verifications)
  • General user shared and private folders to allow document sharing, mail folders and ad-hoc work flow.
  • Set up Queue status folders for incoming documents to be sorted and assigned file names with work flow steps and verification screens.
  • Check-in/check-out capabilities. Provide list of people that have looked at this within a period.
  • Attach files to e-mail from Document preview Screen
  • Explore and move dialog feature for transferring or moving documents
  • Share documents using shortcuts or URLs while respecting user permissions
  • Export and import documents from work flow Queues
  • Review flag capabilities for specific records as a workflow feature (current task / overdue task)
  • Special hold “review class” capabilities on contract record folders. Once in SRS state all added document are flagged and e-mail notifications sent to reviewer.
  • Multiple level archival capabilities and administration both for current and legacy documents
  • Save time while easily complying with legal or organizational retention requirements

  • Added audit trail and notes feature related to the “folder”
  • “Who viewed last” feature
  • Automatically enforce Document Retention Policies. (Only admin can delete) keep a log file, recycle.
  • Full audit tracking for compliance and accountability.

There are hundreds of different ways to communicate today and IT solution platforms to choose from. No one style or solution is necessarily better than another. SGCO is non-biased toward any specific medium or solution provider. We work with our clients in developing and executing information management technology solutions that meet the needs of the client not the software. We utilize our internal resources in association with numerous service providers who can develop and execute plans across a broad range of technologies.

The SGCO Document Management System is just one of a full suite of mission critical SGCO products which include: custom PDF Conversion systems, Asset Tracking Systems, and OpenVMS API.

The SGCO Document Management System is now available for installation on your network. For pricing, licensing, or other product information contact: SGCO LLC