"Build it and they will come" — Terence Mann, in Field of Dreams

Less than two decades ago the phrase “Build it and they will come” was applicable to virtually all Internet websites. The Internet was much like the “wild west”, sparsely inhabited and home only to the most adventurous. If there was a website concerning a specific topic, it was easy to find.

In contrast, as of January 2018 there are over 1.8 billion websites on the internet.

Seventy-three percent of customers use search engines to find new websites. Ninety-three percent of customers do not look past the first two pages of search engine results. And only 16% of all web pages registered to search engines are actually indexed -- meaning that billions of web pages are invisible to search engines. Cisco studies found that 97% of Fortune 100 Companies had some type of site architecture flaw that might result in problems being found by a search engine. Conclusion: If a website isn't indexed and optimized for search engines, it becomes part of the "invisible web" and will be useful only to those already using the site and its potential for growth through success is minimized.

At SGCO we take a wholistic view of your digital marketing campaign.

Site Audit: SGCO can review every aspect of your Internet presence and make recommendations to accommodate the latest technologies such as tablets, mobile phones, navigation systems, etc. We’ll also review the most commonly used terms and phrases for your industry as they relate to the products/services your company offers.

SEO: Next, we optimize your website integrating key words and phrases that accurately represent your company’s products/services. This step will increase your “organic” search rankings. In other words, your website will be seen by more people looking for the products/services you offer.


We accomplish this using a combination of:

Social Media: Social networking websites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) are online spaces where virtual communities of consumers interact around expressions of their needs, wants, and values. Companies engaging in social media marketing join these virtual communities and connect directly with current and prospective customers. The goal is to leverage digital word-of-mouth promotion as network users repost and share comments and other information about a product. SGCO can help you develop a dedicated following of customers through positive reviews, customer recommendations, and buzz about your products/services.

Email Marketing: With global email users now counting in the billions, email is fast becoming the primary channel used for marketing and lead generation by B2C and B2B companies alike. When it comes to converting marketing efforts into sales, email marketing outperforms search marketing 2 to 1 and social media marketing 8 to 1. SGCO and our partners create effective email campaigns with links to landing pages designed to capture more information about potential customers and guiding those potential customers to pages specific to the product/service featured in the email.

PPC (Pay Per Click): PPC is an Internet marketing model based on the use of ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) to generate visitors to your business website. PPC management involves designing and optimizing a PPC campaign to produce maximum results. This is an effective strategy to buy site visitors rather than depending solely on capturing them for free via the organic or non-paid search results.
Google uses keyword matching functions to put a seller’s product directly in front of people who are specifically searching for it. Keywords used by the advertiser are compared with terms users include in their search queries. PPC helps your business connect with search users looking for products and services like the ones you sell. It lets you respond to a searcher’s needs with an offer that is relevant to the search query. It’s a very cost-effective way to bring interested visitors to your site.

SGCO, in conjunction with our Google partners, can dramatically increase the return on your company’s IT investment. Contact us today for a free consultation.