Enterprise Information Management Solutions

In designing and constructing the optimum corporate enterprise the most important task is to maintain the central focus on the business vision. The IT strategy must complement the business strategy rather than compete with that vision. All other tasks are relative to that central core of vision and strategy.

At SGCO Group we recognize the importance of each task involved in the development of a fully functional enterprise as well as how each task affects every other component of the enterprise. An equally important consideration is the actual daily workflow within the organization.

We specialize in optimizing existing enterprises based on the IT resources presently available as well as on your planned acquisitions. Whether your existing system operates on Windows, Unix, Linux, OpenVMS or a combination of operating systems, an SGCO business solution is always designed to maximize efficiency without losing sight of the primary objective, achieving your company vision.

At the SGCO Group, we perform a complete analysis of your existing IT infrastructure including all hardware and software to identify the exact areas that are presenting a challenge to reaching your business goal. We then present a completely objective solution(s) to address your company’s challenges. Chances are the best solution to your business challenges does not come in an “off the shelf” box of software. That’s why our unbiased solution is always based on our objective research and our extensive experience not on affiliations with commercial software providers. Our custom solutions are designed around the way you already do business.

The SGCO Group also maintains access to a cadre of some of the most talented developers in the world whose expertise and accomplishments are legendary in their field. Personnel are assigned to each project based on the needs of our clients and the skill sets required for each phase.

Whether your plans are to construct a new enterprise system from the ground up or are simply looking to add modern functionality or custom applications to your existing system architecture, your first call should be to the SGCO Group.

The SGCO Group’s most sought after Business Solutions include:

Other SGCO Enterprise Services include:
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Data Conversion and Migration
  • Application Management
  • Application Innovation
  • Application Management
  • Analytics and Optimization
  • Content Management

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