Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery Planning

Can you deal with the immediate disaster or emergency but what happens next? Can you continue to operate at acceptable capacity? Does your business have a plan that is designed to manage your organization through an unexpected disaster or critical disruption?

To reduce the impact of a disaster or crisis it is important to have a business continuity management plan in place. This plan provides a systematic approach to restoring partially or completely interrupted business functions within a set timeframe.

The aim is to ensure that you can sustain and restore business activity and minimize any damage to customer confidence and your reputation.

  • Establish the need for Business Continuity Management process / function
  • Conduct Business Impact Analysis. This includes identifying time – critical functions, their recovery priorities, and inter-dependencies
  • Business and IT Impact Analysis
  • Determine resilience strategies. Evaluate disruption and / or disaster, and estimate damage that can be caused by various events
  • Identify controls needed to mitigate or minimize potential losses from external threats
  • Develop recovery objectives
  • Formulate Business Continuity and Crisis Management Plans
  • Work in conjunction with management to integrate the Business Continuity Plan Management function as part of your organization’s integrated risk management initiatives

By recruiting the right people with the right skills and experience, our consultants not only have the technical skills and knowledge required to achieve results, they also understand the commercial realities faced by business.

At SGCO we provide a range of services from a review of existing plans to extensive research and collaboration with company staff, through to emergency operation centre support.