Data Mining & Business Intelligence

Success depends on how quickly and effectively a company responds to rapidly changing market conditions. A well designed business Intelligence solution can empower your organization with the insight necessary to make better decisions faster. A business intelligence solution draws data from multiple sources throughout the enterprise then analyzes the data, and compares the results to clearly defined key performance indicators in a graphical presentation or report. This method provides each management group with a view of their respective performance in relation to other disciplines throughout the organization and senior management with the broadest overview with the ability to drill down for specifics.

A comprehensive business intelligence solution enables management to monitor metrics in real time and predict performance outcomes resulting in responsive decision making and improved program execution. With a custom business intelligence solution your company gains the ability to map performance to corporate strategy, goals and objectives. Through the linking of performance to corporate goals, management can use the day-to-day data generated throughout their organization to monitor key indicators and make decisions that make a difference.

SGCO business intelligence solutions provide the insight that is critical to successful decision making leading to reduced costs, increased profits, improved efficiency, higher productivity and individual and departmental accountability.

The key Business Intelligence Solutions tools include:
  • Performance management by the use of metrics and dashboards
  • Enterprise reporting to provide a unified, real-time picture of the enterprise
  • Data mining to reach into the data and find answers to questions or to explore new ideas.
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Operational business intelligence
  • Mobile Reporting