Custom Integration and Legacy Conversion

For more than a decade the SGCO Group has been successfully integrating companies’ disparate systems using open source tools. SGCO focuses on solving the systems integration challenge using solutions and tools that are the most appropriate to each problem. SGCO offers a wealth of experience in optimizing existing installations and integrating custom solutions.

Most companies still maintain an older legacy system primarily because it still works but also because the cost and challenges of migrating to a newer system can be overwhelming. While the team at the SGCO Group can create and execute a seamless migration plan, we are also experts at integrating your existing legacy system with newer more flexible platforms saving your company valuable time and expense.

Our objectivity and technical expertise enable us to focus on the integration solution that is the best for the customer and can be designed to be 100% transparent to the current business processes. You don’t have to change the way you do business in order to accommodate the limitations of an expensive software program designed for the masses. Our integration solutions provide an alternative to enterprise conversions or integration projects that lock you into a specific software supplier with exorbitant licensing fees saving you months or even years of time and many thousands of dollars.

The SGCO Group has a proven track record of successfully integrating applications designed to run on such diverse operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, and others. Our most recent successful integration services projects using open source tools include:

  • ShoreTel VOIP to VAX mainframe to allow customer self service. (VOIP VAX integration services)
  • E-commerce site to Oracle E-business suite (No iStore).
  • PHP website to VMS automotive leasing application to allow customer self service lease payments.
  • Application to update compliance objects in Oracle ERP. (Oracle integration services)
  • Application to update compliance objects in SAP ERP. (SAP integration services)

If you're considering replacing your entire enterprise to give you access to current technologies and features or integrating systems that have no existing integration path we would like to talk to you and give you our assessment as to whether our approach would work for you.

The SGCO Group also provides the following valuable services:
  • Application development services for Cloud based services
  • Portals (Customer, Vendor, Employee, etc.)
  • Corporate Dashboards with KPIs
  • Enterprise Integration, SAP Integration, Oracle Integration
  • E-commerce Development
  • Integrate Online marketing processes
  • Mobile solutions
  • Procurement solutions
  • Custom Middleware Applications
  • Data and Network Security services
  • Compliance and Risk mitigation
  • Interactive Solutions

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